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Past Events

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For our first event we decided to host a Thanksgiving dinner for women, and children who are victims of domestic violence. Children who grow up in households where they witness domestic violence can be affected by that trauma for their entire lives. Our goal was to provide them with a safe space for the holiday, where they can feel a sense of relief, and know that there are people who support them. We went on to help some of these families with rental assistance, and gifts for their children for the holiday season. 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our educational Girls Trip due to COVID, and even though Atlanta was allowing certain businesses to open, we wanted to take precautions; therefore, during the summer of 2020, we had an outing at the Atlantic Botanical Gardens. We invited some young women out to enjoy the scenery and learn more about horticulture. After we dined at the restaurant, and discussed what we viewed.

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Acquiring a location to host our second Thanksgiving Dinner was difficult with COVID. Fortunately, we overcame that obstacle thanks to the help of K&L Event Studios who graciously collaborated with us, and helped us pull off an amazing dinner for the community of Brooklyn, NY. We were able to give generous portions of food in to-go containers (in order to follow NY COVID-19 guidelines), and made Thanksgiving feel special for some Brooklynites. 

Every Child Gets a Gift was a Christmas party held for underprivileged families in Metro Atlanta. We provided food, beverages, games, a Santa to take pictures, a photo booth, prizes, music, and much more. Although we change the name of the event every year, our mission is the same. We wish to provide these children with toys, electronics, and possibly clothing that will allow them to enjoy their holiday season to the fullest.

Thanks to the help of Toys for Tots, Home Depot’s Lilburn #110, Publix, Johnny's NY Style Pizza, Papa Johns, and Wingstop’s Snellville locations, we were able to give several gifts to every child that attended; furthermore, we were fortunate enough  to be able to give away some bikes and hoverboards, and larger toys.

This isn’t just about giving away toys, but instead is about creating happy memories that these children will hold dear in their hearts. Creating memories like this during their childhood is important in helping them have a positive outlook on the world, and will help them forget about the stress of everyday life. This is also to show the parents that there are people in the community that are here to help them.

Every Child Gets a Gift in Brooklyn was a Christmas party held to give away gifts to those left fortunate, and provide them with an unforgettable extravaganza. This was our second event partnering with K&L Manor, and it turned out more magnificent than the first. Thanks to the help of Team Bouncy House NYC and other companies/individuals, we were able to have two bouncy houses, food, beverages, video games, a DJ, a 360 photo booth, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and so much more. The event goers were astonished, and every child left with multiple gifts. Some children were able to win large prizes like bikes and hoverboards that left them smiling ear to ear.

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